How Much Are Central Vacuum Cleaners? You’ll Be Surprised!

Are you pondering over “how much are central vacuum cleaners?” Well, prepare for a surprise! Central vacuum cleaner prices vary greatly.

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From the cost of a central vacuum system to in-home vacuum system pricing, there’s much to consider.

Let’s dive into the world of built-in vacuum cleaner costs and compare residential central vacuum system prices or even whole-house vacuum cleaner prices.

We’ll explore the cost for central vacuum installation, typical pricing, and average price, too. So buckle up as we delve into the nitty-gritty of indoor built-in vacuum costs!

Average Costs of Central Vacuum Cleaners

How Much Are Central Vacuum Cleaners

When you’re in the market for a central vacuum system, the cost is undoubtedly front and center in your mind.

The average price of a central vacuum cleaner, professional installation included, varies from brand to brand and depends on system size.

You could be looking at anywhere between $1,250 and $3,100, but typically around an average price point of $1,785.

Price Range Based on Brands and System Size

  • Average central vacuum cleaner prices for an economical brand might start from about $600 – not including installation.
  • High-end brands push prices over the top, with some built-in vacuum cleaners costing more than $3,000 when professionally installed.

The whole house vacuum cleaner price, however, can greatly differ among suppliers, so we recommend sourcing multiple quotes before making a decision.

In-home Vacuum Systems Pricing For Different Home Sizes

If you’ve got an existing home with around 2,000 SQ FT using a filtered system:

  • The residential central vacuum system price could range from as low as $200 up to possibly hitting the roof at about $500 – this includes only the labor part out of the total expense.
  • The national average cost for central vacuum installation, including parts and labor, is around $1,587.
  • Retail giants like Lowe’s offer options ranging roughly between ${600 – 800}.

For new constructions or larger homes (less than 3000 sq ft). Your indoor built-in vacuums costs might hover anywhere in between$1,200 up until approximately till about ${3000}

Do note that these costs are rough estimates; actual prices may vary according to factors such as your location and specific requirements.

Armed with the central vac system cost comparison, you can navigate the market better and more confidently.

Deciding on the best system for your needs may seem complex, but understanding the typical pricing for central vacuums is a great starting point!

Labor and Installation Costs for Central Vacuum Systems

When considering central vacuum cleaner prices, it’s important to factor in the labor and installation costs for central vacuum systems.

The cost of a central vacuum system can fluctuate greatly depending on the brand, the complexity of your home’s layout, and whether you’re opting for professional installation.

Professional Installation Prices

The average price of a central home vacuum system, including parts and labor prices, is generally around $1,587.

This cost can range between $1,250 to $3,100 based on factors such as system size or brand preference.

• For an average-sized 2,000 SQ FT home using a filtered system, you can expect the labor part of your bill to fall somewhere between $200 – $500.

• If you’re interested in high-end models with professional installation included – these units may increase your built-in vacuum cleaner cost above the usual price point to more than $3,000

In-Home Vacuum Systems Pricing at Retailers

When comparing central vac system cost comparisons,, popular retailers like Lowe’s offer complete systems ranging from approximately $600 – $800.

• These prices typically include both parts and basic installation services.

To get accurate pricing information tailored to your specific needs:

• Consider obtaining multiple quotes in order to compare various options available
• Ensure that all aspect such as labour costs are fully inclusive before making any decisions

Keep in mind that these are rough estimates and actual costs may fluctuate based on location-specific variances or unique requirements.

By factoring this comprehensive understanding of “cost for central vacuum installation”, into your budget planning will undoubtedly ensure getting good value while making an informed purchase.

Do-It-Yourself Installation Costs for Central Vacuum Cleaners

When you’re looking to cut back on the cost of a central vacuum system, considering a do-it-yourself installation can be an appealing option.

With some basic technical know-how, you have the potential to save significantly on your in-home vacuum systems pricing.

Residential central vacuum system price for DIY installations generally start from $600. However, for a more high-end central vacuums or larger houses, the cost can exceed $3,000. Remember these are estimates and actual prices may vary depending on your specific requirements and location.

The Breakdown of Typical Pricing for Central Vacuums in DIY Installation:

  • Average Price of a Central Home Vacuum System: Systems could range between $500-$1,000 or more depending on size and brand. In new constructions or larger homes (less than 3000 sq ft), costs typically fall between $1,200 to $3,000.
  • Built-In Vacuum Cleaner Cost: This is generally included in your total system price but varies based on brand and model.
  • Whole House Vacuum Cleaner Price: Larger homes may require more powerful systems which could push the cost upwards.

Doing it yourself also has certain ‘hidden’ costs like outlets ($10 – 25 each), attachments ($10 -100 each), hoses ($50 -250 each), power brushes ($100-$500). These add-ons increase the “central vac system cost comparison”.

To get an accurate estimate of how much it might cost you for central vacuum installation;

We recommend obtaining multiple quotes from various providers before making a decision as prices differ greatly among them.

In conclusion, DIY installation of your central vacuum can be a cost-saving project if you’re handy and have some time.

Yet, bear in mind that the “cost for central vacuum installation” could potentially increase depending on the size of your home and the specific system you choose.

Remember, these ‘indoor built-in vacuum costs’ are all estimates. The actual price might differ based on multiple factors including but not limited to location and individual requirements.

So, it’s always good to keep a little extra for unexpected charges while planning out your budget!

Additional Costs: Outlets, Attachments, Hoses, and Power Brushes for Central Vacuums

In addition to the central vacuum cleaner prices and cost of installation, there are some extra elements you might need to consider.

These components can enhance your vacuuming experience but will also add to the overall cost of your central vacuum system.


Outlets for in-home vacuum systems come at an added price. Typically, these can range from $10 – $25 each.

They offer convenience as they provide access points throughout your home where you can plug in and use your central vacuum system.


For a rich cleaning experience with a built-in vacuum cleaner, various attachments are available.

You may need brushes or other accessories suitable for different surfaces or specific cleaning tasks.

Prices vary widely here too – from about $10 up to an estimated $100 per attachment.

  • Dusting brush: Great for delicate items and upholstery.
  • Crevice tool: Ideal for tight spaces and corners.
  • Floor brush: Works well on hard surfaces.
  • Pet grooming tools: Useful if you have furry friends at home!


The hose is another crucial part of a residential central vacuum system that comes with its own price tag.

Depending on the length (about 30 feet), additional hoses may cost between 50 -250 dollars each.

Power Brushes

To maximize efficiency while vacuuming carpets or rugs, investing in power brushes might be beneficial if not essential.

Although adding extra to whole house vacuum cleaner price ranging from hundred to five hundred dollars each; it provides deep cleaning that regular brushes might miss out on.

Remember that these are just estimated costs and the actual central vac system cost comparison can differ based on location and specific needs.

Also, consider the cost for central vacuum installation when calculating your total budget for a cleaner home.

The typical pricing for central vacuums is affected by these additional factors too.

Lastly, always remember to get multiple quotes before making your final decision around an average price of a central home vacuum system or any indoor built-in vacuum costs.

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