How to Change a Belt on a Bissell Vacuum Cleaner: Easy DIY Secret!

When your Bissell vacuum cleaner isn’t sucking up dirt like it used to, a worn-out belt is often the culprit. But fear not! You don’t need a professional to fix this.

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In this blog, we’ll reveal an easy DIY secret for changing a belt on your Bissell vacuum cleaner. Get ready to bring back your vacuum’s top-notch cleaning power!

Preparation and Safety Measures Before Changing a Belt on a Bissell Vacuum Cleaner

How to Change a Belt on a Bissell Vacuum Cleaner

Before diving into the Bissell vacuum belt replacement, there are a few safety precautions you should follow:

Turn Off And Unplug The Vacuum Cleaner

The first step in any DIY bissell vacuum belt change procedure is to ensure your safety. Please turn off your vacuum cleaner and unplug it from the source of power.

Never attempt changing the vacuum cleaner belt while it’s still connected to electricity.

Facing Upwards

Next, recline your Bissell Vacuum Cleaner and lay it gently on its back so that the brush roll is facing upwards.

This position gives you easy access when you commence with instructions for replacing Bissell vacuum belts.

Gather Your Tools

Depending on the model of your vacuum cleaner, you may require some tools like a Phillips screwdriver.

Take note: You might need to remove approximately 5-9 screws holding down the bottom cover.


  • It’s essential that before removing any parts from their original positions, take note or snap photos of how they fit into their compartments for easier reassembly later – this will simplify your task in our Bissell vacuum belt change guide.
  • Look out for signs of wear and tear on your old belt before removing it – this could include signs like warping or visible wear.

This initial preparation process sets the stage for fixing a bissell vacuum cleaner’s belt successfully.

However, keep in mind that different models may vary slightly in process so make sure to check specific how-to videos available for replacement belts for Bissell vacuums specific to your unit.

Disassembling Your Bissell Vacuum Cleaner to Access the Belt

To get started with your Bissell vacuum belt replacement, you’ll first need to disassemble your vacuum cleaner.

Following these instructions for replacing Bissell vacuum belts will show you how.

It’s a straightforward process, but remember—every model is slightly different, so checking out a specific “how to replace a Bissell vacuum cleaner’s belt” guide for your model can be helpful.

Reclining the Vacuum

Begin by reclining the vacuum and placing it in such a way that its brush roll faces upwards.

This repositioning is an essential step towards changing the belt on a Bissel cleaner.

Removing Screws from Bottom Cover

Look closely at the bottom cover of your Bissell vacuum. Depending on its specific model, there will be about 5-9 screws that need removing.

Grabbing hold of your Phillips screwdriver, start unscrewing these fasteners one by one.

Doing this should reveal what lies beneath—the primary area where you’ll perform the DIY Bissell Vacuum belt change.

  • Note: Handle these tiny screws with care as misplacing even one can cause issues while reassembling.

Taking Note of Brush Roll Positioning

Once you’ve exposed the brush roll, take some time to observe and jot down notes about how it fits into its slot.

Trust us; this information could be invaluable when installing replacement belts for bissell vacuums later on.

Now that we’ve completed disassembling steps as per our clear-cut Bissel Vacuum belt change guide, we’re equipped and ready to move onto extracting and replacing the old faulty belt—a vital process towards fixing a Bissell Vacuum Cleaner’s belt.

Installing Your New Belt on a Bissell Vacuum Cleaner

Now that you have successfully prepared and disassembled your vacuum, it’s time for the main task – changing the vacuum cleaner belt. Here is our DIY bissell vacuum belt change guide.

Taking Off the Old Belt

Firstly, carefully examine the old bissell vacuum belt around the motor pulley or spindle for any signs of wear or warping.

These are clear indications that they need replacement. Hold onto both ends of the brush roll and pull it outwards to remove it from its housing slot.

Then slide off/remove this old belt.

* Note down how your belt sits in its place
* Remove carefully to avoid damaging surrounding parts

Putting On The New Belt

You’re halfway through! Now let’s install your new bissell vacuum belt replacement.

Place one end of your new belt over the motor pulley/spindle and stretch or feed through other end over/on to your brush roll.

* Be gentle while stretching new belts as they can be quite tight
* Using force might tear them apart, so remember patience is key when changing a Bissel cleaner’sbelt

After this step in our instructions for replacing bissell vacuum belts comes securing everything back in place which will be covered under next heading Reassembling and Testing Your Bissel Vacuum Cleaner After Changing The Belt.

We hope you found this Bissell vacuum belt change guidehelpful, especially if you are doing a DIY Bissell Vacuum Belt Change..

Please note that these steps might vary slightly based on specific models, so always refer back to your user manual or check out some helpful videos online specific for your model before starting with fixing a bissel vaccum cleaner’s beltwear.

Reassembling and Testing your Bissell Vacuum Cleaner After Changing the Belt

Once you’ve successfully navigated through safety measures, the disassembling process, and finally, the Bissell vacuum belt replacement, it’s time to reassemble your trusty cleaning companion.

No need to worry if it’s your first attempt at a DIY Bissell vacuum belt change. Follow these steps for successful reassembly.

Assemble Your Vacuum Back Together

  • Screw back all screws removed earlier ensuring bottom cover fits securely tightly without any gaps. This is crucial in maintaining the integrity of your cleaner.
  • You might need some strength as new belts can be quite tight. But don’t worry; this is a normal part of changing vacuum cleaner belts.
  • The instructions for replacing Bissell vacuum belts suggest placing one side of the brushroll (with new belt attached) back in place first.

Now that you’ve journeyed through disassembling, installing new belts, and reassembling, let’s check on how well you’ve performed on this task.

Testing Your Handy Work

After successful reassembly following our detailed Bissell vacuum belt change guide here comes the moment of truth – testing how well things hold up.

  • Plug in your cleaned-up companion to an outlet near you and turn it ON for a few seconds. If there are no unusual sounds or burning smells – congratulations! You’ve done a great job fixing a Bissell vacuum cleaner’s belt!

Remember: There might be slight differences with each model when it comes to replacement belts for Bissell vacuums.

Always look up specific guides or videos related to your particular model for an easier job.

And finally, always be patient when carrying out this type of task. With a little patience and resolve, you’ll master the art of changing the belt on a Bissell cleaner in no time!

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