Where Can I Buy a Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner? (Explained)

Looking for a top-notch clean? You’re probably asking, “Where can I buy a Kenmore vacuum cleaner?” We’ve got you!

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This article is your ultimate guide to purchasing Kenmore vacuum cleaners.

We’ll dive into Kenmore upright vacuum cleaner reviews, reveal the best online retailers and shops, and share exclusive discounts to get you the best deal on your new cleaning companion.

Buying Kenmore Vacuum Cleaners Directly from Kenmore

Where Can I Buy a Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner

When you’re thinking about making a purchase for a Kenmore vacuum cleaner, one of the best places to start is by checking what’s available directly from Kenmore. 

They provide a wide range of models, including both bagged and bagless options, as well as specific floor care products.

The Appliances Department at Kenmore

Here’s what you can expect:

  • The breadth of the product range: At Kenmore, you have the opportunity to choose among numerous types of vacuum cleaners. Whether it’s the ‘Kenmore upright vacuum cleaner’, or any other model, they have got you covered.
  • Genuine Products: Buying directly from Kenmore ensures that your purchase is 100% authentic. You get exactly what you pay for with no fakes or knock-offs.
  • Detailed Product Information: The product listings usually come with detailed descriptions and specs. You also get direct access to user ‘reviews on Kenmore vacuum cleaners.’

Purchasing Options at Kenmore

At their dedicated appliances department, there are several ways through which customers can buy their preferred vacuums:

  • You can walk into any representative store and make your purchase in person.
  • If physical shopping isn’t your style or convenient for you, then consider using their online platform to ‘buy a Kenmore vacuum cleaner online’.

Lastly, remember that buying directly gives an assurance of getting good after-sales services including replacement parts and repair services if ever needed in the future.

Department Stores That Offer Kenmore Vacuum Cleaners

When you’re on the hunt to purchase a Kenmore vacuum cleaner, it’s essential to know where you can find various models.

Department stores provide an extensive range of options, including in-store and online purchases.


Lowe’s stocks an array of Kenmore vacuums, both in their physical stores and online.

Whether you’re looking for a bagged model or prefer the convenience of a bagless option, Lowe’s is worth checking out.


You can also buy a Kenmore vacuum cleaner from Walmart’s Vacuums, Steamers & Floor Care Department.

With their continuous discounts on Kenmore vacuums, this could be your chance to bag an upright model at a lower price.

  • The best part? You’ll have numerous options with Walmart – from saving money on your purchase to free shipping or even local pickup!
  • You can also find reviews on Kenmore vacuum cleaners right there on Walmart’s website– making it easier for you to choose the best model.

Target and Best Buy: A variety of Options Online and In-Store

If online shopping is more your style, consider heading over to Target’s website where they are one of the leading Kenmore vacuum cleaner retailers.

  • You’ll find deals like free shipping for orders over $35 or same-day store pick-up. And don’t forget about Best Buy –
  • They carry specific models like the popular yellow progressive canister!

In addition to these department stores, consider checking out shops selling Kenmore vacuums for potentially more options.

Make sure you take your time to compare prices and read up on reviews. With the right information, you’ll soon find the best Kenmore vacuum to buy.

Online Marketplaces Selling New and Used Kenmore Vacuum Cleaners

If you prefer the comfort of shopping from home, there are multiple online marketplaces where you can purchase Kenmore vacuum cleaners.

Whether you’re looking for a new or used model, these platforms offer a wide range to suit your needs.

They also provide reviews on Kenmore vacuum cleaners, so that you can make an informed decision.


eBay is a popular marketplace where you can find both new and pre-owned Kenmore vacuums.

The perk here is that many items come with free shipping. Some popular options include Kenmore upright vacuum cleaners.

The yellow progressive canister vacuum cleaner has a variety of floor care products. Remember to check for any discounts on Kenmore vacuums before confirming your purchase.

Facebook Marketplace

Another option is Facebook Marketplace which offers local deals on new and used vacuums.

This platform allows the chance to inspect the product firsthand before purchasing it if it’s nearby.

Tips for Buying Online

When planning to buy a Kenmore vacuum cleaner online, ensure that you do thorough research by reading reviews, comparing prices across different retailers, and checking the product’s condition if it’s pre-owned.

You might also want to consider delivery options – free shipping or local pick-up – when calculating the overall cost of your purchase.

Remember, getting the best value involves more than just finding the lowest price; quality assurance plays an equally crucial role in securing your investment.

With several reliable marketplaces available at our fingertips, finding an ideal choice among various models such as bagged or bagless has never been easier. Happy shopping!

Specialized Stores and Repair Services for Kenmore Vacuum Cleaners

Are you looking to purchase a Kenmore vacuum cleaner? Perhaps a Kenmore Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

There are specialized stores like Sylvane that stock an array of Kenmore vacuum cleaners, including some of the best models according to reviews on Kenmore vacuum cleaners.

You can even buy your ideal Kenmore vacuum cleaner online from their website.

List of Specialized Stores:

  • Sylvane: An online home appliances store with free shipping on their variety of Kenmore upright vacuum cleaners.
  • Sears: A traditional retailer selling a wide range of Kenmore vacuums, allowing potential buyers to explore options in person.

For those who already own a Kenmore, both new and long-term users might need repair services or spare parts at some point.

Sears PartsDirect is one such facility that caters to this need. Another is Bank’s Vac which stocks thousands of replacement parts for different models.

Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner Repair Services:

  • Sears PartsDirect: An excellent resource for your spare part needs when maintaining your beloved appliance.
  • Bank’s Vac: A trusted facility that stocks replacement parts for various models offering discounts on select items.

Remember, whether you’re buying a new or taking care of an older model, it’s always good to know all the places where you can find reliable sales services or trusted repair centers.

It just makes owning a ‘best buy’ recommended, ‘efficient’ and ‘durable’, ‘Kenbourne’, all the more rewarding!

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