Where to Keep Vacuum Cleaner? Discover Surprising Storage Solutions!

Tackling the puzzling question of where to keep the vacuum cleaner? Well, you’re not alone! Unearth unique storage solutions for vacuum cleaners specially designed for smaller spaces.

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From hiding the pesky device at home to organizing cleaning appliances seamlessly, we’ve got some brilliant tips on storing vacuums and brooms.

So whether you live in an apartment or a sprawling mansion, let’s demystify vacuum cleaner organization together!

Storing Vacuum Cleaners in Closets: A Convenient Option

Where to Keep Vacuum Cleaner

Closets serve as an incredibly convenient option for vacuum cleaner organization.

Especially when you’re exploring storage ideas for your vacuum cleaner, it’s essential to consider the space that you have available.

When keeping a vacuum in apartments or smaller houses, finding ways to store your cleaning appliances may prove challenging. However, storing a vacuum in small spaces like closets is an achievable task.

Closet Storage Benefits:

  • Space Utilization: Closets—whether they are broom closets, coat closets, or even bedroom closets—tend to be underutilized. They can effectively house upright and canister vacuums without obstructing your living area.
  • Inconspicuous: Stashing away the vacuum cleaner in a closet helps keep it out of sight, providing excellent ways of hiding the vacuum cleaner at home.
  • Easily accessible: Having your cleaning appliances like vacuums and brooms organized neatly inside a closet makes them easy to reach when quick clean-ups are needed.

Finding Your Ideal Closet Space

Start by looking around your house for potential closet spaces where you can place the vacuum cleaner.

The choice will depend on how frequently you use it and how much space each closet offers.

Remember that wherever you decide on storing your vacuum cleaners, two key conditions must always be met:

  • The place should be dry. This helps extend its lifespan by protecting against moisture-related damage.
  • The storage location should also stay free from direct sunlight that might induce temperature fluctuations leading to potential damage over time.

Before putting away the machine into its designated spot in the closet after every use, you must remember these tips:

  • Clean up any dust or dirt attached thoroughly
  • If possible cover such as dustproof bags could serve tremendously well in protecting against dust while it’s stored along with any other unforeseen damages.

In conclusion, the best part about exploring different storage solutions for vacuum cleaners is finding what works best for you and is personalized according to your needs.

Whether organizing cleaning appliances at home or figuring out “where” exactly should one put their “vacuum cleaner” within their house; it all starts truly with recognizing

Kitchen Pantries and Cabinets: Excellent Storage Spots for Vacuum Cleaners

Storing a vacuum cleaner shouldn’t be a hustle, especially when considering the many storage ideas for vacuum cleaners.

One such idea that stands out in terms of convenience is using kitchen pantries and cabinets. Let’s see why this could work for you.

Space Availability

Believe it or not, your kitchen pantry has more space than you think! It provides an ideal location when storing a vacuum in small spaces.

Similarly, kitchen cabinets can work wonders if they have enough room. For those pondering on ways to store vacuum cleaners, these areas are worth trying out.

Vacuum Cleaner Organization Made Easy

Your handy home helper needs an ideal spot too. Kitchen pantries simplify vacuum cleaner organization.– providing ready access whenever you need to do some quick cleaning.

If hiding your device is important, then this offers a solution for hiding the vacuum cleaner at home.

  • Kitchen pantries offer quick access- speeding up cleaning.
  • Avoid cluttering by storing it behind pantry items.
  • Cabinets provide a discrete storage location – keeping your living spaces neat and tidy!

For residents dealing with optimal use of limited space such as in apartments, this method becomes essential as part of effective“keeping a vacuum in the apartment”.

Note: Always remember that regardless of where to put the vacuum cleaner in the house, ensure it’s cleaned before storing and protected from dust using covers like dustproof bags.

So next time someone asks about efficient options for organizing cleaning appliances at home or wants tips on storing vacuums and brooms.

Direct them to their kitchen cabinet or pantry! It’s all about utilizing what you already have around you.

Wall Mounts and Hangers: Space-Saving Solutions for Vacuum Cleaner Storage

When considering storage ideas for vacuum cleaners, we often neglect our walls as potential storage spaces.

However, they offer excellent space-saving solutions especially when you’re keeping a vacuum in an apartment with limited floor area.

Vacuum Cleaner Organization Using Wall Mounts and Hangers

Wall mounts and hangers provide efficient ways to store vacuum cleaners.

Here are some steps on how to use your wall as a storage area:

  • Determine the best spot on the wall where it won’t obstruct daily activities.
  • Ensure the wall material can bear the weight of your vacuum cleaner.
  • Purchase suitable wall mounts or hangers designed for vacuums, available in local hardware stores or online.
  • Firmly secure your mount or hanger by following the provided instructions. Request professional help if necessary.
  • Safely hang up your vacuum cleaner!

Hiding Vacuum Cleaner at Home Using Wall Storage Solutions

Incorporating these clever storage methods not only helps to free up floor space but also assists in effectively organizing cleaning appliances at home.

They also could be a great solution if you’re figuring out ‘Where to put the vacuum cleaner in the house’.

If keeping aesthetics is important, consider decorative covers that complement room decor while hiding your appliance. Or choose a high spot that’s less noticeable.

Regardless of being stored off-ground, never forget essential maintenance tips like cleaning before storage and using dustproof covers when possible.

To conclude, effective utilization of walls through mounts or hangers thus presents itself as an exceptional avenue in overall vacuum organization strategies offering multiple benefits.

Which includes improved utilization of available space, enhanced home aesthetics & better appliance care.

Remember this next time you’re brainstorming over new ways to store a vacuum in small spaces!

Creative Vacuum Cleaner Storage: Bedrooms, Hallways, and Furniture Pieces

Are you wondering where to put the vacuum cleaner in the house?

Let’s get a bit creative with vacuum cleaner storage ideas.


Did you know corners of your bedroom can be great vacuum cleaner organization spots?

A tucked-away corner behind a door or beside a wardrobe could be ideal for storing your cleaning companion without making the room look cluttered.

When thinking about “how to store vacuum in small spaces?”, this is one solution.

  • A small rack with shelves against the wall can also serve as a grandstand for your vacuum cleaner – bringing together form and function.
  • If your bedroom comes equipped with walk-in closets, dedicate some space there for your trusty appliance.


Hallways might seem an odd choice at first glance but they’re actually quite practical!

When considering the ways to store vacuum cleaners, hallways often come equipped with closets that are perfect for hiding vacuum cleaners at home while still providing easy access.

  • An underused coat closet can double up as a storage solution for vacuums – just ensure it doesn’t hinder movement in any way.
  • Wall-mounted shelves along the hallway wall present another neat option.

Furniture Pieces as Disguised Storage Spots!

Get innovative when storing a vacuum in apartment settings! Use existing furniture pieces like ottomans or storage benches.

They can easily hide cleaning appliances while providing an aesthetic appeal.

  • An ottoman that opens up provides ample space; just remember – keep them clean and dust-free!
  • The bottom shelf of bookcases (especially wider ones) could also house slim stick vacuums or handheld models beautifully.

Regardless of where you opt to keep it stored, always ensure that conditions are dry and sun-free.

This ensures an extended life span for these essential cleaning devices by preventing damage from moisture or temperature fluctuations caused by direct sunlight.

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